We ask listeners from time to time what they'd do if they won a big lottery jackpot or a lot of money from a casino and most say they'd pay off debt, go on a luxurious vacation, or a shopping spree. What would you do?

I've won a few hundred bucks playing Blackjack on a couple of different occasions - not enough to make any big purchases but enough to make me smile. I can't imagine the silly grin that would be plastered on my face if I won the type of money this Iowa woman did.

Huge Winner At Diamond Jo Casino

The lucky lady won big money at Diamond Jo Casino which is located just south of Albert Lea in Northwood Iowa. She'll probably treat herself to something nice but says she wants to do something nice for a family member with some of the winnings.

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About Diamond Jo Casino

Diamond Jo Casino is located just south of Albert Lea in Northwood Ia. The Casino has around 850 slot machines, more than 20 table games, and now offers sports betting.


Karla from Mason City, Iowa visited Diamond Jo Casino on Saturday, July 31, and sat down to play one of those slot machines around 11:00 PM that night. She won big and already knows how she wants to spend the money.

Diamond Jo Casino Press Release
Diamond Jo Casino Press Release

She was in the right place at the right time because she hit a huge $50,000 jackpot playing IGT’s Double Diamond slot game. Karla was obviously very excited and said she plans to do something nice with the money for a special family member. She wants to use some of the winnings to help that person put a down payment on a house.

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