Relationships are extremely difficult. They require a lot of time and effort and both people must be fully committed to making it work. The moment that one person checks out is probably the beginning of the end for that couple.

Breaking up with someone sucks because of all of that energy you've spent trying so hard to make it succeed and because you probably still care about the person and don't want to hurt them. Recent data, however, shows many Minnesotans have realized their relationship is over and are now looking for a way out.

It's Dumping Season In Minnesota is a relationship website dedicating to helping women understand men.

Their team recently studied Google trends to find the "exact dates each state receives the most Google searches around ‘how to break up.’

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When you search that question on Google you'll see a ton of advice articles including one from Glamour that has several good tips.


Their first tip: "Make sure you actually want to break up."

You're not in high school anymore so act like an adult and put some serious thought into the decision.

Glamour also says you shouldn't go in guns a' blazin'. Instead prepare and practice a well thought out speech and deliver it face to face in a respectful manner.

Again, you're not in high school anymore. If you're going to break up with someone you should be courteous enough to do it in person.

When Is Dumping Season in Minnesota?


Searches for "how to break up" peak in Minnesota the week of October 16-23.

The reason why Minnesotans are searching ways to end relationships isn't exactly clear. Perhaps, the holidays have something to do with it. Maybe they want to avoid another awkward Thanksgiving get together or they don't want to buy their partner anything for Christmas?!?

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