The storylines keep getting weirder and weirder for the mayor of a small town in the Land of Lincoln. It's official, she is the worst mayor in the entire country...

If you missed the news, there is a Mayor in Illinois of the small town of Dolton (which is a suburb of Chicago), you can catch up on all her antics by clicking here! Quick recap, she uses the police as bodyguards, is following people, overspending on lavish vacations, and more (allegedly)...

The new news about Dolton's mayor Tiffany Henyard according to ABC 7 Chicago, is that she has VETOED an investigation into her corruption... In the article, they say, "Mayor Tiffany Henyard is accused of using village money for personal reasons as Dolton's unpaid bills have piled up. Henyard has denied the allegations. During the meeting, Henyard vetoed a resolution passed by the village board to investigate her spending." To learn more about what Tiffany Henyard is being accused of now, click here!

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Enough is Enough

How can she keep getting away with this??? These poor people in this small town are being held captive by their mayor like she is a foreign dictator. Can't the state step in and do something about this? There has to be some sort of clause in the state constitution somewhere that allows the state to kick a bad mayor out, or at least start and do an investigation of your own that she can't veto. All I can say is that LOCAL ELECTIONS MATTER...make sure you know who you are voting for and hold them accountable.

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