UNDATED (WJON News) - In an effort to speed up checkout lines and reduce errors, Target has announced it will make some changes to the self-checkout lanes.

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Starting with just a handful of stores at undisclosed locations, Target officials say they will limit self-checkouts to 10 items or less. Anyone with more than ten items will be asked to use the regular checkout lanes.

Officials say the cost savings of self-checkout have never fully materialized. The machines sometimes break, and shoppers can make mistakes in scanning the items, requiring staff to be available to help. In some instances, the wait time to go through self-checkout was longer than using the traditional checkout lanes.

Target officials say product theft, or “shrink” was not a factor in the decision, but several studies indicate that the loss rates for companies using self-checkout lanes and apps are near four percent, almost double the industry average.

Other major retailers are considering similar moves.



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