A southeast Minnesota man's community really came together to help him out when he needed it most. It was an amazing act of kindness that local businesses in the Mower County, MN area have been doing for a few years now.

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Vadzim Kushniarou

'Pay It Forward' Team

The companies in Mower County have a group called the 'Pay It Forward' team. They basically do random acts of kindness for people who need it most. Primarily in the home remodeling area.

People who are chosen to receive help from the 'Pay It Forward' team are nominated. This particular man that we're talking about today was nominated by his dad.

The man's name is Joel. He lives in Austin, MN and his home has seen better days. KAAL writes that he's been in this home for 25 years but the repair bills started to pile up and he couldn't keep up with it all. They even said that over "the past few years, he’s been showering in his cold basement."

Carly Ross
Carly Ross
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So companies and volunteers who had signed up to participate on the 'Pay It Forward' team went to work. They remodeled his bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room.

On Wednesday Joel was able to see his newly renovated home for the first time and was brought to tears. I'm so glad Joel is now able to have a comfortable home to live in and feel safe.

If you know someone in Mower County that you'd like to nominate for 'Pay It Forward', you can do so on their website.

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