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Minnesota has been home to some cool movies over the years, and now a new docuseries set in and shot on-location in Minnesota is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

The Land of 10,000 Lakes has been no stranger to movies and TV shows. 90's movies like The Mighty Ducks (which was set here in Minnesota but mainly filmed in Hollywood) and Grumpy Old Men (which was set in Wabasha but was filmed in parts of St. Paul and Lake Rebecca in Rockford, northwest of the Twin Cities) put Minnesota on the map back in the day.

More recently, movies like 'The Christmas Listing' (filmed in the Isanti) and 'Merry Kiss Cam' (filmed in Duluth) have been featured on platforms like Lifetime and Hulu, while the independent movie 'Sold Out' (set in and filmed in the Twin Cities) was debuted in 2021 and is still streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

And now, a new docuseries from Minneapolis-based director Adam Zuehlke is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video as well. The new project is called 'Searching For The Mikinaak' and it's set for release on May 26, 2023.

According to a release, here's what 'Searching for Mikinaak' is about:

In 'Searching for the Mikinaak' we meet a group of highly resourceful friends, some with dubious motives, racing to find a mysterious large animal roaming the waters of Minnesota. As the six-part series unfolds, a shocking and disturbing journey for the alliance quickly unravels, with some in the group determined to hunt down the beast and kill it, and others on a quest to save it. The race is on, with the elusive creature’s fate hanging in the balance.

The series was directed by Adam Zuehlke and produced by his Zenoscope Productions in Minneapolis. Executive producers are Zeuhlke and Pete L'Allier. And as the trailer below asks, 'Age-old legends, a mysterious creature, a risky journey and men with questionable motives-- what could go wrong?'

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Check it out below. And, while Minnesota has been home to numerous movies and TV shows, we've had our fair share of Bold North natives who've gone on to become well-known stars too. Keep scrolling to see how many celebrities once lived here in the Gopher State!

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