An angry fast-food customer shot an employee of the restaurant while waiting for his order in the drive-thru.

Shooting At Illinois Fast Food Restaurant Drive Thru

We can all agree that ordering a meal using a fast-food restaurant drive-thru can be very frustrating. It seems like you're always getting burned. If you don't check the bag before pulling away, something will be wrong or missing. That happens to me all the time. I call it a crapshoot.

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It can easily put customers over the edge with rage. The food isn't cheap anymore. They're probably hungry which can push them into the hangry zone. Once it gets to that point, the situation can quickly get ugly. I would say it's safe to say that neither side of the window wants that to happen.

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One of my friends from high school played for the Miami Dolphins under coach, Jimmy Johnson. He used to tell his players that nothing good happens after midnight. Isn't that so true? You're only looking for trouble and it will find you. People tend to get crazy during that time of the day. Even at a fast food drive-thru.

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IL Fast Food Worker Shot

Recently at a Wendy's in the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, a serious incident took place.  Of course, it was way past midnight. A female employee was working the drive-thru when a male customer pulled up to the window. He was not a happy camper.

The driver started arguing and screaming at the worker. I'm guessing because it was almost 1 am, he was probably under the influence. Then, the guy lost it. He pulled out a gun and took a single shot at the drive-thru window. It shattered and the employee got hit in the arm.

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The suspect took off but there's security camera footage. The police are currently investigating the shooting. The employee went to the hospital and she will be okay. I would like to know what caused it to happen.

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