This Illinois flea market not only offers many great treasures but also special celebrity guests to make appearances.

Annual All Night Flea Market In Illinois

I grew up going to flea markets. My parents loved going to them. The funny thing is, they rarely bought anything. They just like walking around and checking out all the stuff. I'm kind of the same way now.

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We would travel all over Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin to experience the latest and greatest flea markets. Luckily, in Illinois, there are many really good ones. Not only do they have many interesting treasures but also some fun other stuff too.

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Every year the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton hosts several different flea markets. Some of them are very unique. For example, on August 17th, you can check out the annual all-night event.


That flea market runs from 3 pm to 1 am. I guess the early worm doesn't always get the worm. This yearly event is also known for something special. Each year, they bring a handful of celebrities for the shoppers to meet. It adds to the whole experience. This time, the list is pretty impressive. Check out these famous people.

  • Mindy Cohn from "Facts of Life."
  • Jon Provost from "Lassie."

  • Parker Stevenson from "Baywatch."
  • Butch Patrick from "The Munsters."
  • Former NFL Player Fred Williamson
  • Horror Host Doctor Ivan Cryptosis.
  • Comic Book Artist Jeff Balke.
  • YouTuber Storms Eclectic Realm
  • Horror Host Count Gregula’s Crypt

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