I want to start this by saying that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and there’s not a wrong answer to this question, so I hope this doesn’t create division because people feel differently about this.  

Should people wear hats in Church? 

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My dad was a Baptist Minister. Growing up in a preacher's house was a lot stricter than most other homes. We had a lot of rules and honestly a lot more “don'ts” than we had “do’s”.  

I grew up with reverence for Church services, because of the philosophies my parents had. But as I got older, their views and mine did not exactly align.  

One of the main points we differed on was if there should be a dress code for church. My viewpoint shifted to “come as you are” instead of everyone having to dress up for Church.  

The main reason I changed my thought process was that not everyone had “Sunday Clothes” or “Dress Clothes” and that should not keep them from attending church. It’s more important for people to be exposed to the Word and Gods presence than to miss it because they felt they had to wear a certain type of clothes.  

Recently, I saw a video of a church service where one of the worship leaders was wearing a hat. His hat was like a ball cap but “dressier” if you will.  

For some reason that was a sticking point for me. Keep in mind I grew up in a time where we couldn’t wear hats to school and indoors at most places.  

Then I began to struggle with this again because what someone is wearing should not keep them from being in the service, right. 

Now I know that different denominations have a different protocol for their services, and some congregations would probably not be tolerant of someone wearing a hat in their service, but is that right?  

I began to lean more toward a non-denominational service as I got older away from what I consider some of the “rigid” values of the Baptist Churches I grew up in. That is not to say that every Baptist Church is “rigid”, I just didn’t feel as comfortable as I once did in the churches I went to when I was young.  

Casual dress codes, churches serving coffee for their services, and contemporary music make up the services I’ve felt most comfortable in over the last several years, so why did someone wearing a hat cause me such pause?  

So, I ask again, should people be able to wear a hat in church?  


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