One of my favorite toys as a kid has to be LEGOs. My brother and I had huge tubs on tubs of LEGOs. We'd get a new box, we'd build what the instructions tell us to build, and then we'd take it all apart and dump it into one big box to make whatever we want! LEGOs are the best and if you also loved or currently love LEGOs, this house for sale in Kenosha, Wisconsin is for you.

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I know some people would put their LEGOs on display once they finish the project, but my brother and I always liked to use our imagination and create something totally different. This home definitely seems to be a fan of the way I grew up with LEGOs, and you'll see why as you go through the pictures.

Wisconsin Home For Sale is a LEGO-Lover's Dream (PEEK INSIDE)

If you were a LEGO-lover as a kid or still are a LEGO-lover, this home for sale in Kenosha, WI was made just for you.

Hobbit House for Sale 80 Minutes from Rochester, Minnesota

Over in River Falls, Wisconsin there is a house for sale that can only be described as a hobbit house and it's pretty sweet!

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