The cops up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin made a traffic stop that really hit the meth that a thing? Now it is. WeAreGB

The West Central Drug Task Force (WCDTF) made a bust that they investigated for a while, that had people thinking "biggest bust ever."


The traffic stop in Western Wisconsin led to almost five pounds of methamphetamine. While you're thinking, hey it's five pounds that doesn't seem like much...That around $120,000 worth of meth in a single traffic stop, wow!

But the rice??

Here's the official statement and photo from the Eau Claire Wisconsin Police Department:

Recently, a WCDTF investigation led to a traffic stop in which almost 5 pounds of methamphetamine was seized by investigators. With an approximate street value of $118,000 this is one of the largest drug seizures in the history of the WCDTF Eau Claire Police Department


Eau Claire Police Department
Eau Claire Police Department

It seems that the Facebook followers of Eau Claire PD liked this bust too. The last comment is the best :)

It's rice time!!!

Lisa Monopoli - Awesome!!!! keep that stuff off the streets! Way to be a hidden hero. Thank you.

Cher Schlieve - Yes! Score one for the good guys. You are appreciated in all of your hard work. Thank you for your efforts to make our community safe.

Kristy Polden - This is why I can’t be a cop. I would have assumed it was lunch time and they were just eating some rice out of baggies because they forgot their Tupperware.



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