Legends Bar and Grill, located at  11 4th St. S.E. in Rochester, has lost it's food and liquor license temporarily because of repeated COVID-19 safety violations.

A press release from Olmsted County Public health said, "Recent imminent health and safety hazards have been documented and observed that directly place Legends’ employees and patrons at increased risk to COVID-19 exposure. Repeated violations of Governor Tim Walz’s Executive Order 20-74 and 20-81 have been documented including lack of physical distancing by staff and customers, lack of mask-wearing by staff and customers, and violating the current occupancy requirement."

Sagar Chowdury, Olmsted County Environmental Health Manager, said "Given the exponential growth of COVID-19 cases in and around Olmsted County, these violations are particularly alarming. Our Environmental Health staff conducted a thorough investigation and will work with Legends’ management to help them come into compliance and maintain compliance, We owe it to our residents and businesses who are complying with the Governor’s Executive Order, to not allow willful violators to disregard or endanger the health of their employees, neighbors, and community members.”

Legends will be closed for a minimum of 72 hours and will remain closed until they can "can demonstrate compliance and enforcement of its COVID-19 Preparedness Plan as required by EO 20-74 and 20-81."

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