Imagine waking up at 4:45am to a deafening boom that rattles your entire house. For one Illinois woman, this surreal scenario became a harsh reality.

I woke up this morning to a loud boom outside my apartment and really didn't think anything of it because I live in a very busy area of Rockford with trains, helicopters, and tons of traffic.

My friend texted me saying he woke up from the sound, too.  I was confused what we were all hearing, so I went to Facebook later in the morning.

SHOCKING! Lightning Strike Tears Through Illinois Woman's House

My friend, Whitney, was convinced that her house had been hit by lightning, she wasted no time investigating.  Art had fallen off her wall, which sparked even more concern!

"Did you hear that 4:45 lightning strike? We’re trying to see if we took a direct hit! I’ve never had pictures come down like this. We have roof tiles scattered all over. Who needs an alarm?"


Whitney Martin - FB
Whitney Martin - FB

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Lightning touched down on her house and didn't hit HER?  Whitney has to be the luckiest person on Earth now.  Buy a lotto ticket, girl!!!

Whitney updated all of us with a SHOCKING photo (no pun intended lol) of her roof.

"Well it’s confirmed lightning definitely hit our home this morning. What a crazy experience. Special thanks to Rockford Fire Department for making sure everyone was safe. Luckily no flames. So much for taking a few days off to sleep haha"


Whitney Martin - FB
Whitney Martin - FB

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I can't imagine being anywhere near a lightning strike.  That gaping hole... whoa.

So, if you ever hear that crack of thunder in the middle of the night, it might not hurt to check your roof just to be safe.  After all, lightning can strike twice!

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