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Last week the City of Rochester received plans and one of them tells us where Popeye's Chicken South is going to be located. You read that looks like we'll have two Popeye's Chicken stores in Rochester. We thought it was just going to be one...

Rochester's Popeyes will be located off of West Circle Dr (55th St NW) just to the north of Walmart North. Hamilton Real Estate posted the picture below to give you an idea of where it'll be. Read More: Popeyes Announces "Target Date" for Opening Rochester Location

Bakers Square South Lot (James Rabe)

The plans call for construction on the former Baker's Square South property near Apache Mall and the old Toys r Us building. Two commercial buildings are marked on the plans. One with space for two business (one a Wedding Day Jewelers, a Twin Cities chain, and the other a "spa").

Then, a different part of the same lot is labeled with "Future Popeye's (By Others)." By others" is there because part of the lot will be "prepped for development by another agency".

Getty Images

So after years of begging corporate to build here, we'll get double the chicken.

Does development for the old Baker's Square South space mean something might soon be happening with the Toys r Us building? We'll just have to wait and see.

Getty Images

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