Last week saw the long-awaited debut of 'Louie' season 4 releasing its first new footage with surprise guest Charles Grodin, but those hoping for a more involved look at the May 5 premiere are in luck. FX released a full spread of new footage in the latest 'Louie' season 4 trailers, teasing dark times ahead for the misanthropic comedian and a few vibrators, of course.

Following up on the Charles Grodin doctor visit of the first 'Louie' season 4 spot, the fuller look at the new run of episodes sees Louie's back causing him plenty of grief in getting around town, while other scenes cryptically see the comedian behind bars for getting into a fight with an elder man at a hospital. The second spot immediately follows the doctor's visit, as the receptionist offers Louie a familiar tool to run over his back, not realizing its intended use.

Despite the 19 months in between ‘Louie’ seasons 3 and 4, Louis’ appearance on the new season of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‘ saw the comedian envisioning ‘Louie’ lasting “seven or eight years, tops,” while some of the scripts for season 4 have been written in collaboration with fellow comedian (and prior guest star) Steven Wright. The new season will also run for 14 episodes, delivering two new episodes each week for seven weeks straight.

Take a look at the latest 'Louie' season 4 spots above and below, and tell us what you want to see when the Emmy-winning FX dramedy returns on May 5!