Madison Bumgarner's World Series performance was one for the ages. The presentation of his MVP trophy was definitely not.

The San Francisco Giants pitcher won MVP honors for his brilliant work on the mound in leading his team to a World Series victory over the Kansas City Royals, but the presentation was a disaster.

Chevrolet big-wig Rikk Widle was tasked with giving the award to Bumgarner, but he wound up sounding more like Chris Farley in an awkward 'SNL' sketch. He had to reference his notes, he talked about Chevy's "technology and stuff" and, most noticeably, he was out of breath like he had just come in from running the mile. It was all super awkward.

Bumgarner may have been the Series MVP, but Wilde definitely took home Internet hero MVP for this.

And topping off the entire moment? Apparently, the car Bumgarner got was recently recalled. Well done, Chevy.