A man visiting Wisconsin broke into a house but he thought it was a good excuse.


Is There Ever A Good Reason To Break Into A House?

Do you think there is ever a good excuse to break into a house? I would say maybe one. That's when you're locked out of your own house and it's the only way to get in. Otherwise, I say no way. It's definitely not worth the risk. I don't know about you but personally, I would like to avoid going to jail. A man visiting Wisconsin might disagree.

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Man Visiting Wisconsin Gets Arrested For Breaking Into A Home

Our suspect is from Minnesota. He's visiting Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He never gave a reason for his trip but it sounds like he had some trouble with a place to stay. The man decided it would be a great idea to break into a home. Even though he broke the law, his intention wasn't too darn terrible.

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He wasn't actually trying to steal anything. The poor guy just wanted a bath. I mean after traveling don't we all just want to clean up a bit? Well, unfortunately, he didn't have permission so the homeowners called the police.

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According to channel3000.com, 

When the police arrived, the suspect had already locked himself in the bathroom and started to run the water. The officers demanded the man to exit the restroom immediately. He complied with the order. This uninvited bather was wearing only a t-shirt and his underwear (the report states they were on inside out). The rest of his belongings and clothes were on the floor.

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Witnesses say the suspect smelled bad. Maybe, that's why he did it. Hopefully, he was at least able to take a shower before being locked up. Not a good reason to break into a house but it could've been a lot worse.

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