construction workers at former Rochester Kmart parking lot-Kim David/TSM

Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Mayo Clinic is apparently working on a new plan to deal with its employee parking needs.

This one involves the former Kmart store site along 9th St SE.

KROC News contacted Mayo for a response on its plans and received this reply:

"With growing employee numbers, Mayo Clinic is continuously looking for ways to accommodate employee parking needs. We believe the Kmart lot, as an existing lot near the downtown area, could be one option to help us meet those needs. We are working with the property owners and with the City of Rochester to hopefully address permitting and zoning issues in order to move forward."

 What is known is Adair Electric of Rochester was given a permit Thursday that reads: “ Project Description: MAYO - KMART PARKING LOT - GET KMART PARKING LOT READY FOR MAYO PARKING.”

A local contractor has also reportedly been lined up to demolish the building on the site and was told Mayo has signed a 15-year lease. Work on the parking lot began Thursday.

Mayo already operates the nearby Fullerton lot.