What would you do if you saw an alligator strolling down your street? Me? I'm immediately running into my house and locking every door and every window I have. No hate to anyone who has pet alligators but they aren't for me. I think it'd be fair to say any kind of reptile isn't for me.


A Wisconsin pet alligator decided he wanted to explore his neighborhood when he escaped from his owner's backyard and took a stroll around the block. The alligator was originally hanging out in a kiddie pool and soaking up the sun when he wanted to take a little adventure.

KCRG reports the Kenosha police department received a call they surely won't forget anytime soon. Lt. Joseph Nosalik said

Turns out some kids enjoying summertime outside playing… spotted this alligator in the street, were playing too close to the street, and Mom yells at him, ‘Get away from the street.' But Mom, there’s an alligator here. Sure enough, there’s an alligator in the road

Turns out these kids are braver than I am. I wouldn't have needed my mom to yell at me to get away from the street. I would've been gone.

The owner's name is David Prill and he does understand the reason for the excitement. He wanted to let KCRG and the police know that the alligator could bite but it's not dangerous.

I completely understand why there’d be some excitement, and that’s why I don’t tell anyone because then they freak out. But it’s harmless. It’s not going to attack you. It’s not going to attack your dog or your cat.

Prill also did say he's only hanging onto the alligator for a couple of weeks. Eventually, he's bringing it down to his parent's place in Florida, where they have a pond, and he's planning on bringing it there before it gets too cold.

Police also were able to determine Price was in his legal right to own the alligator and returned it once it was found.

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