Have you ever said something about someone without realizing they were right behind you?

Unless you're giving that someone a huge compliment, chances are, you'd rather they not hear what you're saying about them at the moment.

A more honest approach is saying to someone's face, though it depends on the person.

For example, last April, Mike Tyson was on an airplane when another passenger kept heckling him. It ended with Tyson giving the heckler a few swift punches and a bloody face.

(Warning: NSFW language in video)

If you were calling Mike Tyson crazy, and he showed up right behind you, how would you act?

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel created a segment called "Mike Tyson is Right Behind You". It's exactly what you think it is. And it's funny.

Now in his mid-50s, Tyson is still high on the list of individuals you wouldn't want to mess with.

I had the opportunity to interview Tyson on my show several years ago. He was funny, charismatic, and gracious. And even though he was 1,612 miles away from me in Las Vegas, I still knew better than to tick him off.

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