What are the odds that these two are still together? One? Maybe two percent?

People watching is easily one of my favorite pastimes. I could sit for hours and just watch people interact with each other. The best is when you get to witness what appears to be a first date that isn't going well.

We were able to see one of these bad dates go down in real time during the Brewers-Cardinals game the other day, and the announcers had a field day with it.

Now, we don't know if this is a first date. It could be a wife that's just tired of listening to her husband's stories, or maybe even a sister that just wants to tell him to shut up.

What we do know is that the announcers were most likely 99% accurate on what this guy was saying.

When I was in high school I threw a nasty curveball

I could have gone pro but I had a coach and we didn't see eye to eye.

He didn't like that I wore my hat backwards.

It's perfect.

We don't know who that guy is, but we definitely KNOW "who" that guy is, if you get my drift.

The backwards hat. The sunglasses. The bored date. We all know someone exactly like that and if you don't it might be you.

The whole interaction has a STRONG resemblance to another couple that was captured at a ballgame 10 years ago that has turned into a meme.

Just remember guys. No one cares what you did in high school and it really helps to read body language once in a while.

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