Oops! It looks like Wisconsin residents need to chill a bit behind the wheel, at least in one major city. One online travel website ranked a Wisconsin city in the top thirty for worst drivers in the nation. Minnesota got by unscathed this time around.

So which city is the one that needs to pump the brakes, literally? That would be Milwaukee, a city that can't seem to catch a break lately. Milwaukee came in at number twelve, near the top of the list and seemingly for good reason.

According to the study, Milwaukee is number one in speeding. It also is number twenty in DUIs and four for traffic citations. It is pretty crazy that Milwaukee ranked number one in speeding and so high for DUIs.

As with any study, you have to take this with a grain of salt. The travel site made the list based on things like speeding, accident statistics, DUI rates and the like. There are a bunch of studies out there that rank the worst drivers for one reason or another so don't be too offended just yet.

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As for other cities that make the list, it should be no shock that eight California cities make up the top ten list. If you have ever driven there, this fact needs no explanation. Otherwise, the list is full of odd surprises, including cities like Baton Rouge and Colorado Springs.

I don't know statistics but I do think there are bad drivers in every state and that each state has drivers that are bad at certain things. For example, in Minnesota, it drives me nuts when it is someones turn to go at a stop but they motion for you to go. I am sure Wisconsin has "a thing" as well.

All in all, this is just another dig at Milwaukee in a string of them lately! It was recently named one of the most dangerous cities in the entire country. Earlier this year, it was also named one of the most miserable cities in the country. Cheer up, Wisconsin! At least it is cheap to get a margarita there, right?

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