The head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank spoke in Rochester on Tuesday and his comments attracted some national media attention.

Narayana Kocherlakota appeared at a Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce event and offered some criticism of the Federal Reserve’s current monetary policies. He noted the Fed’ s main objectives are to promote price stability and promote maximum employment. Kocherlakota, who is a voting member of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee, contends the central bank is keeping inflation too low. The Fed has set a target inflation rate of around 2% and Kocherlakota says it could take another four years to reach that level. He argues the current inflation rate, at around 1%, is curtailing demand for goods and services and that is hurting Americans seeking jobs. While the nation’s unemployment rate has slowly fallen since the Great Recession, Kocherlakota says the 6.7-percent jobless rate shows the job market is far from healthy.