North American Soccer League team Minnesota United FC played a friendly match against English Premier League club AFC Bournemouth Wednesday night at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota. During the game, Minnesota's goalkeeper, Sammy Ndjock, scored one of the most ridiculous own goals of all time. If you haven't seen it, check it out:

For most goalkeepers, this kind of error would be devastating. And some teams would even bench a player for making a mistake this big. Fortunately, the game didn't count for anything, as AFC Bournemouth is in its pre-season training and the game didn't count for anything. So, instead of everyone feeling bad about the situation, Minnesota United FC released this hilarious video "explanation" of the error on Facebook.

Minnesota United is known for doing funny stuff like this, and it's nice to see that even those in professional sports can find a way to laugh off something so awful. I imagine if this had been the NASL championship game, it might not have been quite so easy to swallow and there probably wouldn't be any joking around about it!

For the record, Bournemouth beat Minnesota United 4-0, so it wasn't like the own goal made any difference to the result, either...