Three years ago we were living in what felt like a nightmare with COVID. No one really knew what was going on, but for many, it meant gathering outdoors. New businesses were created during the pandemic and one of those businesses is now closing due to dwindling interest and attendance.

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A remote control race track in Southern Minnesota won't be opening up this year. The track, which is located in Blooming Prairie, was called the Blooming Prairie RC2 Race Track. 

It opened in 2020, and there was a lot of interest in the new track, with weekly racing and weekend tournaments. According to a post from the track the enthusiasm didn't seem to keep up, as the track announced it wasn't opening this year, and it seems like the people behind the business aren't planning on opening it again anytime soon.

After some major thoughts & discussion about the track, we have decided we are not going to be opening the track this year. We are very sad and will miss you all dearly but with the very low numbers of people showing up to race last year on top of personal reasons and the equipment used on the track being out of commission we feel this is the best choice to be made. We thank you all for coming and racing with us the last 3 years and are very blessed to have met you all and created some wonderful friendships along the way.

What sucks about this is that these people put themselves out there after seeing a need, and now just 3 short years later their labor of love is over. Being able to open your own business, and run it yourself is to me the American Dream, and these people got to live it.

It's not clear if the track will be converted into something else, or if it remain private for the personal use of the owners.

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