No one likes to see empty Christmas stockings and a wide open space under the Christmas tree. Especially Minnesota and Iowa.

Each individual household has its budget when it comes to gift buying. You may have a lot of gifts under the tree or just a few that each cost more.

This year, Minnesota shoppers are really cranking up the dollars on gift spending. Just how much disposable income is the State of Hockey forking out? Enough to send them into the Top Ten States of Holiday Spending.

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The amount of money that each household has to spend varies significantly depending on the state in which they live.

The average amount for Minnesota is $1,713,58, which places them at #9 on the list. Our neighbors in Iowa $1,453.08.

Here in South Dakota, we rank in the bottom ten with $820.83 in spending.

Toy Drive for the Sioux Falls Children’s Home Shelter for Family Safety

You need to understand in this same report, Minnesota's livable wage is about $3.00 per hour higher than South Dakota's. In fact, the livable wage in South Dakota sadly ranks 51.

Don't be discouraged by the dollar amounts and the rankings. I don't think you can measure the Christmas Spirit from any survey.

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