Would you stop to help a stranded motorist? 75% of Minnesota motorists recently surveyed said they would. Now, as someone that has broken down, and watched cars continue to fly by, I feel like that number might be a little high. There are a lot of nice people in our state that are willing to help, but you should prepare as if no one is going to offer to help just to be safe.

I have stopped to help others several times, but I've never had to do anything because each person had a cell phone and had already called for help. A fully charged cell phone is obviously the number one thing you should carry with you as you travel. Below you'll see 15 other items that the Minnesota State Patrol says you should pack in your car. These items will keep you safe if you break down or end up in the ditch this winter. I only have 6 in my car right now, how many do you have?



The Minnesota State Patrol Says You Should Pack These 16 Items In Your Car's Winter Survival Kit:

MN State Patrol Urges Minnesotans To Pack These Items in Car During Winter

Sgt. Troy Christianson says if you are stranded you should, "Stay in the vehicle and call 911. At night, keep your dome light on and activate the vehicle’s emergency flashers." Christianson said you should be prepared to give the dispatcher your location, the problem you're experiencing, and your preferred tow company.

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