Last week I had shared with you a TikTok of a gal speaking out against the outrageous prices she just spent at Subway. Need a refresher or to get yourself caught up, you can read the whole thing here. But here's the video to check it out once more too:

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@jessalyn_m_r @subway this is highway ROBBERY! Who the hell has this kind of money to be coming to your “fast food” restaurant and pay more for a 6in wrap, then a whole plate at a dine in? 😡 #disappointment #inflation #subway #notcool #minnesota #expensive #ridiculous ♬ original sound - Jessalyn Mara Roussi

After this was shared, it was not long after, that we heard from Jessalyn with a little more insight and reasoning behind her sharing this on TikTok. Here's more of the bigger picture and her commentary as she shared in an email.

  1. The idea that inflation continues to rise at astronomical numbers is absolutely saddening. It affects our everyday lives because as things keep getting more expensive, we are losing the ability to save, pay off debt, and get ourselves ahead because we are struggling to pay for our necessities. People also don't want to feel restricted on being able to live their life.

  2. I haven't been to subway in quite a while, normally I get a 6 inch sub with extra meat. Decided to try a wrap instead and added the same fixings (except the shredded cheese) and I was charged extra for the cheese. And $3 for only 3 extra pieces of meat.

  3. Well, we are remember "$5 Footlongs" if you were lucky enough to be around during that time. But even a year ago I paid around $8.99 for my sandwich.

  4. I chose to share this to allow others to know they aren't the only ones questioning inflation, customer pricing, and to share the view of a consumer who is outraged by how expensive it is to eat there.

  5. Peoples reactions to his: It's a mixed reaction. Some totally agree, others want to try and make it seem like they know what they are talking about. It's all keyboard warriors trying to argue. The point being is, there was no price listed on the menu anywhere for a "Turkey Wrap" it was also extra money just to have shredded cheese instead of slices. And the meat they game was $3 for 3 extra prices. Some are trying to argue pricing and location, and additions. This is just an example of how everyone will never agree until they experience it themselves!

Thank you to Jessalyn for replying and giving some very good further insight. She brings up some great points on how we all aren't ever going to agree and each one of us will have our own complaints of change and our own ideas on inflation and prices rising.

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But it is good to know if you too have been feeling like prices are getting more and more ridiculous all over, you are most definitely not alone. Also, know if you don't feel the same, it is okay to have different opinions. I've always believed myself, it's just smart to listen to each other and learn from our differences, and hopefully find a better solution.

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