Scotty and Frank are together again for another episode of the 'Two-Minute Drill' on 1520 The Ticket.

The Twins recently drafted several high school ballplayers with their opening picks.

The hope that our farm systems prospects will one day bear some fruit is the only positive vibe both fans and members within the Twins organization have these days as the team has continued to sink to the bottom of the standings in Major League Baseball.

Last week, the Twins chose outfielder Alex Kirilloff out of Plum Senior High School with their first overall pick in the first round.  He's a toolsy outfielder who projects to have a good bat with some pop.  The hope is that one day he could be a corner outfielder, possibly right field, and play next to the speedy Bryon Buxton.

Another high school pick made by the team was shortstop Jose Miranda out of Christian Academy who a solid all around prospect with good hands and a nice bat.  Draft experts expect him to eventually transfer to third base, and compare him to a Mike Lowell type-player.  I think as a fan base, we'll take that type of production!

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves may be set to grab somebody a little older with their first round pick.

Names like Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons, the top two players in the draft, will surely be gone when the Wolves pick at number five.  But other experienced players such as Jamal Murray and Buddy Hield could potentially fall to Minnesota.

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