A 71 year-old man in northern Minnesota was rushed to a Duluth hospital after being stabbed in the neck.

According to the DNT, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office responded to a call after the man reported being stabbed in the neck. The woman who stabbed him was a 36 year-old who was staying in his home.

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The incident took place in Babitt, MN a little over 90 miles north of Duluth. The man was transferred to a Duluth hospital for what authorities described as non-life-threatening injuries. The woman who stabbed him was treated for "superficial injuries" before being transported to the St. Louis County Jail pending assault charges.

The names have not been released due to "investigative purposes" and it has not been released as to why the attack happened. It was also stated that this was an "isolated incident and there is no danger to the public".

It seems some strange stuff have been happening in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Just the other day a couple stole a large bell from a cemetery and church in Minnesota. Again it doesn't say why the altercation happened and we don't know what kind of relationship or friendship the two had, but definitely a scary thought being stabbed in the neck.

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