Earlier this week, we had a story about the rise in mosquito and black bug populations here in Minnesota. Experts are saying there will be more of these bugs than flying around than there was last summer. So, stock up on bug spray or you'll get eaten up this year.

That story led to a discussion on the worst bugs in Minnesota. Which one do you hate the most? Mosquitoes, ticks, and no see-ums were popular responses from our audience, and are all very annoying, but none of those are the most hated bug here in Minnesota. Read about Minnesota's least favorite bug and watch a hilarious video from inside our studio that was shot as we were talking about bugs.

My Least Favorite Bug

Recently a massive survey was conducted to determine each state's most hated bug. See which one Minnesotans can't stand below.

I wasn't asked to participate, but if I was I would have voted for ticks. Ticks aren't the most hated bug in Minnesota, but they are gross and there's one that really creeps me out.


The Lonestar Tick freaks me out because it can make you allergic to red meat if it bites you!

A lot of people said ticks when they called into our radio show. This spring experts actually warned that ticks would be bad this year. They called 2022 a "severe" tick year so make sure to check yourself, your kids, and your pets if you spend time outdoors.

We Were Talking About Bugs When This Happened

Minnesota's Least Favorite Bug

A company called Pest Strategies surveyed over 3,500 people to find out what each state's least favorite bug was. Here in Minnesota, we hate cockroaches! If these bugs don't bug you there's a company that wants to hire you. Find out how you could make $2,000 below.

Cockroach on wooden

The pest control company says, "Forget Godzilla and The Joker, how has Hollywood not made a summer blockbuster with a giant, radioactive, unhinged cockroach as the supervillain?"

Pop Crush has a story about a company called The Pest Informer that is looking for five to seven families that are willing to allow them to release 100 American into their homes.

They are testing new pest control products and are willing to pay up to $2,000.

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