When it comes to food, there is one day in March that stands out for Minnesotans. It involves the one-handed wonder that makes the State Fair later in the year such a popular attraction.

Today is Happy National Something On a Stick Day! (Insert eye-roll here)

If you're from Minnesota you most likely believe that foods on a stick were invented in your great state. If you feel that strongly about it then fine. The truth is the origins of this yet-to-be National Holiday are unclear.

The fact we do know is for thousands of years all kinds of foods have been cooked and served on sticks, skewers, swords, and spits.

One of the nearest restaurants where you can order food that comes on a stick, or skewer, is Carnaval Brazilian Grill in Sioux Falls.

The foods are carved and served right at your table. Without the stick.

What the state of Minnesota looks forward to the most is the Minnesota State Fair where competition runs high.

Many favorites of course come hot out of the fryer like pickles, corn dogs, walleye, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, and fried candy bars.

Oh, and butter!

And then you have a Minnesota favorite, Tator Tot Hotdish on a Stick. Make sure you get the mushroom dipping sauce.

I'd like to walk back to my youth when mom made homemade popsicles.


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