As if the allegations that surfaced a few weeks ago regarding Adrian Peterson's abuse of his 4-year-old son weren't bad enough, now there's news of more troubles for the former NFL MVP.

According to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the recent child abuse charges that have left the former NFL MVP facing the possibility of never playing another game of pro football are just the latest in a long list of incidents and indiscretions that are starting to come to light.

Peterson admits that he's the father of at least six children by six different women. More worryingly, there are reports of a sexual encounter involving a minor in a Twin Cities hotel room a few years ago.

And if his serious issues in personal judgement aren't significant enough, there's also questions about how Peterson's charity has been using its funds. Some supposed recipients of the charity are claiming that they never received any money from it.

It would appear that the more the public finds out about Adrian Peterson, the sadder his story becomes. And a gifted athlete who just weeks ago was the face of a franchise and at the top of his game now faces an uncertain future on so many levels.