The largest theme park in Illinois is getting ready to open its doors for the 2023 season, and to celebrate a new season there are plenty of new offerings at the park this year!

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According to NBC Chicago, there are plenty of new things for thrill enthusiasts to enjoy at Six Flags Great America this season. The thrill capital of the Midwest opens this weekend and if you went last year the park is going to look different a couple of weekends this year and taste different too. In the article they say...

"And this year, there are a few new dining options and festivals. “As we kick off the 2023 season, our focus is on providing guests with a lineup of elevated events and experiences, both returning and new,” Park President John Krajnak said in a release. According to park officials, the park is open on select weekends and weekdays April 22 through May 21, with daily operations beginning May 23."

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The new foods include Chicken & Sweet Waffles with Syrup, a Bubble Tea station, Loaded Meat or Veggie Nachos, different Mexican options from Miho's Authentic Mexican Cuisine, 16 seasonal beers on tap at all-new Mission Beer Garden.

But the food is just the start of what is new at Six Flags Great America this year, while there are no new coasters, there are new events happening this season. Some of those events include a Pride Celebration in early June, a Flavors of the World festival, Neon Nights, and an Oktoberfest at the end of the season. To learn more about all the new and exciting things happening at Six Flags Great America this season click here!

I love that Six Flags Great America is adding a new menu and beer items, there are the classics that you want to eat and drink every time you go to the park but having new options to try is always a good thing.

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