Some big changes are happening in Southeast Minnesota for a few small towns not far from Rochester, Minnesota.  Sadly, one business is closing by the end of 2022.  It's not all sad news though because when that door closes for a final time, a new business will be getting closer to opening.


Big News Announced for Two Towns Near Rochester, Minnesota

If you missed the news that popped up on Facebook the other day, there is a business in Oronoco, Minnesota that heard was planning to close but the timeline has been announced.  In that bit of sadness though, some good news popped up as a new restaurant is planning to also open in Kasson, Minnesota!

First off, we are keeping Tillys open until the end of the year.
EXTREMELY EXCITED to be buying a building in our hometown community!!! Some staff coming with!❤️
We will be creating a new menu, along with Cindy & Cruz!‍‍ and will include some of your favorites
❤️Tammy & Travis ❤️ - Tillys on Facebook

New Restaurant and Bar, Tammy's Place, is Opening in Kasson, Minnesota

Main street in Kasson, Minnesota is getting a new business at 111 W Main Street.  Tammy's Place is coming to town and will be moving into the space previously occupied by Misplaced Magnolia.

loading... - Kathy O'Malley - Kathy O'Malley

The property was recently for sale and according to, it was listed for $315,000.  If you've never been inside the property, you can see a few photos of the inside at the listing at

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