Soccer is huge in Rochester. From youth to adults of all ages, the sport is played all around town, year-round, on fields, in domes, and even in gyms. Now, word is starting to come out about the possibility of a new high-level amateur soccer team coming to town.

The team, which looks to be calling itself Med City FC, has a Facebook page and a basic website, as well as other social media accounts. The website doesn't have a lot of information on it at this point, but the Facebook page was hinting at a big announcement that will happen on Thursday, December 21, at 4 PM, Central time. Check it out:

Could we see a return of soccer like we enjoyed in 2009 and 2010, when the Rochester Thunder played in the Premier Development League and featured the likes of Teal Bunbury, who played here for a season before going on to play in both Major League Soccer and for the United States National Team?

Looks like more will be revealed on Thursday...