The last few days, I've been trying to figure out what the word is that describes my feelings and thoughts after the horrific shooting of innocent people in Texas this week and just recently in Buffalo.  Numb is something I've heard others say but that's not accurate for me...because I'm not numb to what is happening in our world.  I don't know how anyone can feel numb after reading that kids smeared blood on their body and played dead so they could try to stay alive.  Shock, anger, heartbroken, and confused are probably more relevant terms for what my heart is feeling right now.

Although some events seem to be somewhat far away and easier to disconnect from, tragedy, loss, discrimination, and inequality are in our very own state of Minnesota.  Yes, even in the mighty medical town of Rochester, Minnesota.

Erin OBrien DMC-EDA
Erin OBrien DMC-EDA

Rochester Organization Invites Community to Discussion and Learn More About How to Build a Thriving Community

A large portion of our world right now is pointing fingers and saying that specific issues are the reason for the problems our communities are having today.  Unfortunately, posting on Facebook, saying "We Want Change", or something like "Less Prayer More Policies" without any action or discussion is going to just be what it is...a post on social media.

Our world, our state, and the community of Rochester need more than just a post on social media from you.

United Way of Olmsted County started working months ago on a huge event called Power of Purpose (a.k.a POP) that will be happening on June 14th at the Rochester International Event Center from 11am until 1:30pm with an amazing guest, former NPR host Michele Norris.

United Way of Olmsted County
United Way of Olmsted County

Michele Norris, this year’s speaker, is an award-winning journalist and one of the most recognized voices in radio as the former voice of All Things Considered on NPR. Michele will engage our audience in a candid discussion about race, culture, and communication in America. Through this meaningful engagement, we will strengthen our communities’ capacities to build a healthy future for all individuals and families, regardless of race or place.
Attending #POP2022 will make a long-lasting impact for years to come by raising support and awareness for programs working toward universal success and prosperity throughout Olmsted County. - United Way of Olmsted County

Grab Tickets Now for Power of Purpose Event in Rochester, Minnesota

Are you ready to raise your hand? ✋ Or your voice? and help create a world where this generation, the next one, and the ones after can thrive?  If so, grab tickets now at the United Way of Olmsted County website here.


Challenge for you...because I know we've got others who are ready for change!

I can almost guarantee that you saw another individual share some concerns this week as well.  It might be a mom you only know through a Facebook group, or a co-worker that you only connect with virtually.  But you heard them - their concerns, fear, and anger as they said "enough is enough".

My challenge to you is this...invite them.  Share this story on your Facebook page.  Tell people about this event.  Go live on Instagram or make a TikTok with your kids about it.

People are craving change for our community so it can be a thriving area for all but unless they are given opportunities and sometimes invited to be part of the discussion, the sidelines are where this conversation will stay.  So, if you are going to post anything this week, post the link to this story.

Help!  I want to be part of this for the Rochester community but can't attend Power of Purpose?!

United Way of Olmsted County knows that everyone won't be able to make it to the Power of Purpose event.  Work happens.  Sick kids happen.  Life in this pandemic world happens.  If for some reason you aren't able to make it on June 14th, check out to learn more about this year’s signature fundraising event and the impact you can make when we #LiveUnited.

And then do one more click - United Way of Olmsted County website.  At this site you can learn about the amazing services United Way of Olmsted County is already providing like 211, which is an information and referral service, as well as programs, and resources provided to help every person in our community.

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