If you have ever attended a city council meeting, you know that at times...anything goes. PATCH

City Council meetings can be boring, very boring...But when the citizens are allowed to speak their mind, this is when things become unglued. I was at a Rockford City Council meeting once, when a man walked up to the mic and started to sing "Happy Birthday." I don't think it was the mayor's birthday, or the police chief, or even his own birthday...But there was singing, and unfortunately no cake.  The whole idea is to give citizens the chance to speak their mind...Whether it's some ordinance they don't agree with, or a street light they want installed...it's the public's right to speak up.

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In this situation, am Elmhurst, Illinois man walked to the mic to address the wildflowers growing in his front yard...or the weeds growing in his front lawn that the city fined him for. This elderly man was not pleased with the fine, and brought his problem to the Elmhurst City Council Meeting.

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When this older "hippy" gentleman stood in front of the city council, he opened his mouth...AND RAPPED. Want to read his rap, well you're in luck...

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"Save the wild bees by letting the dandelions grow and just saying no. No to herbicide. No to pesticide. And, yes, to a blessed new hour of wildflower power, think about that. The hippies are back. My name's not Jack. It's Jim. I'm not that slim. I'm getting old, but my raps are still bold, and I live in E-town Elmhurst, Starburst."

But wait...there's more!!!

"This is where people rule the universe. Gentlemen, please don't curse. Ladies hold onto your purse. And I don't care if the president does declare an end to war in E-town Elmhurst, you better still lock your car door. Yo, wildflower power. Wildflower power. Wildflower power."

Mic drop, I'm out.


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