This one-of-a-kind drive-thru lane at a popular Illinois fast food restaurant will blow your mind.

The First Drive-Thru Lanes

Originally, there were drive-ins. You would park your car outside the restaurant, then an employee would come out and take your order. When it was ready, they would bring it back out for you to eat in your car. There was a tray to hang on your vehicle to keep your food. Later they would have a speaker to order from like a drive-thru.


I remember when I was a kid, we had a couple of local places where you would just drive up to the window where you ordered, paid, and received your food. It was not very efficient.

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Of course, all the chains had a menu board and speaker to order from. Then, you pulled up to complete the transaction. The traffic would still back up.

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The Evolution Of The Fast Food Drive-Thru Lane

The drive-thru lane was designed for fast service to go, so it needed some tweaking. Multiple windows were added. They included one to pay and another to pick up your order. Some even added a third just in case there was a delay with your food to keep the line moving.


Culver's created their own unique drive-thru experience. After paying, then you park. A worker will then bring the food out when it is ready.

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Taking The Drive-Thru To The Next Level

During high traffic times like around lunch and dinner, the cars would still back up. Many fast food places took it to the next level. They built a second drive-thru lane. Now, double the cars can be served.


Some restaurants installed a pre-order menu so you are ready when it is your turn.


The Drive-Thru Experts

When it comes to drive-thru restaurants in Illinois, the place that sets the standard is Portillo's. The process is a multiple employee system. For the busy times, they add several workers into the lanes themselves. They will remotely take orders and money. If you are not up to the window yet and your order is ready, they will personally walk it up to your car. It is pretty amazing to watch.


The Ultimate Drive-Thru Experience In Illinois

Just when you think the drive-thru game could not get any bigger. Portillo's busts out the ultimate drive-thru lane. At their new location in Joliet, Illinois they put in a triple drive-thru lane. Yes, that is 3 lanes. That must be some sort of record. I do not think anyone out there could beat it. I want to road trip to Joliet just to check it out.

Is this the end? Could it go any farther? Only time will tell what the future holds for the drive-thru lane.

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