Valentine's Day is less than 3 weeks away! So if you are looking for the most romantic evening possible you should check out this restaurant in Illinois that made the list of the most romantic restaurants in the USA...

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According to the article, These are the 25 Most Romantic Restaurants in America on the website, Chicago, Illinois' Steak 48 ranks as the 14th most romantic restaurant in the US. Steak 48 ranks behind some elite romantic restaurants in cities like Charleston, Scottsdale, and New Orleans, but it deserves to be on this list from what I can tell. On Steak 48's website, they say...

"Steak 48 is known for top-notch service and elegant decor, and our Chicagofine dining restaurant is no exception. The unique two-story dining space features an array of seating options. Cozy, inviting nooks make Steak 48 perfect for a romantic date night...The glass-enclosed open kitchen makes us the steakhouse Chicago residents are talking about. Our guests have a rare opportunity to observe as our Executive Chef’s culinary staff prepares the best steaks in Chicago!"

Now, how nice is Steak 48? Well, so nice that they have a strict dress code...their dress code says...

"In order to maintain an enjoyable environment for all of our guests, athletic wear, excessively revealing clothing, and exposed undergarments, will not be permitted. We prefer no printed t-shirts, hats, or visors and always appreciate collared shirts and/or sports coats. Please dress as your always elegant selves."

To make a reservation at Steak 48 just click here!

The menu looks fantastic, and not outrageously priced either... It has things like a 12oz NY Strip for $56, or Hawaiian Poke for $36, to see the full menu click here! 

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