What makes something interesting or unique?

For that matter, what makes a neighborhood interesting or unique?

For me, it would be like a place where things are just a bit different from the norm.

Don't get me wrong, I love a city or town or in this case, a neighborhood that stands out from the rest. It's got some quality, some charm, that you might not find in other places.

So Timeout recently listed the 49 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World and wouldn't you know it, way up at the top is a neighborhood in Illinois.

Row of Homes in Andersonville Chicago
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The neighborhood that made the list is called Andersonville and it's located in Chicago.


The city’s historic Swedish enclave (take note of the flag on the neighbourhood’s iconic water tower), Andersonville is now better known for its LGBTQ+ nightlife and the bars and restaurants that line the Clark Street corridor.

Andersonville Water Tower
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The coolness of Andersonville isn't lost on TripAdvisor either. The neighborhood as a whole was listed as the 79th best thing to do in the entire city.

Think about it, a trip to a neighborhood is better than nearly 90% of things to do in The Windy City.

Benches and Planter with Beautiful Plants and Flowers on the Sidewalk in Andersonville Chicago
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Sandra V., visiting from San Francisco said this about Andersonville:

What a lovely area! Very safe. Very clean. Lots of local shops. Great restaurants. Large LGBTQ community. Everyone is friendly. We are looking forward to returning!

If you're looking for a specific reason to get to Andersonville, the Farmers Market is every Wednesday through October 19 and the Vintage Market is set for Sunday, August 21 and September 18 per Andersonville.org.

Look, time is running out for summer 2022, might as well make a quick day trip. It sounds like you can't go wrong checking out Andersonville.

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