This might be the funniest thing you see ALL week!

So here's the deal:

The Twins aren't worth watching (let alone talk about).

It's the offseason for the Wild and Timberwolves, and we're still 100 days until the NFL season begins... So basically what I'm trying to say is there's not much going on in the Minnesota sports world.

On top of that, the weather's going to be GORGEOUS this weekend and all your friends are probably off drinking outside or something fun like that.

Well I'm here to help brighten your Friday by sharing this sick "crossover" by a kid who's obviously ready to get outside, and for school to be let out for the summer.

(Make sure the sound is ON.)

Here's hoping the kid dressed in black doesn't spend his entire summer drinking his food from a straw because his jaw gets wired shut from kissing that wall.  Sick moves though, seriously...