Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester Park Board meets Tuesday and will be discussing some possible upgrades to Mayo Park.

The Park Department Staff has been working with the Art Center and a local consultant to develop a framework for enhancing the area along the Zumbro River behind the Mayo Civic Center and areas on the east side of the river. The consultant, who was retained by a owner of land near the park, has drawn up a conceptual plan that will be presented to the Park Board Tuesday.

The stated goal of the proposed upgrades is to make Mayo Park a destination, and they include the placement of “art nodes” throughout the park, a rockscape near the Farmers Market and adding fountains and lights in the river, which would be similar to the features mentioned in the Destination Medical Center development plan. The conceptual drawing also shows the drive on the east side of the river converted into a walking path that would be part of an Art Walk.

The Park Department staff notes the features included in the concept plan could be developed independently and phased in as funding allows.

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