One of the funniest men on the planet just released a video parody of one of the best TV shows on the planet. Could the world be more aligned right now?

Patton Oswalt's 'True Detective' video parody doubles as a promo for his upcoming Comedy Central special 'Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time.' And while Oswalt's special features a stand-up show, the video was shot around a conference table -- just like the one used in HBO's hit series.

And like Matthew McConaughey's celebrated turn in the show's recently wrapped first season, Oswalt's character smokes, sports a big-ass bushy mustache and says a whole bunch of pseudo-philosophical stuff that isn't as deep as you might think.

Best are the reaction shots by the two detectives questioning Oswalt at the table. Their befuddled looks of "What the f--- is this guy talking about?" are priceless. So is Oswalt's "five dimensions," which we're pretty sure he's making up as he goes along.

It's not as classic as Oswalt's epic 'Star Wars' filibuster on 'Parks and Recreation,' but it definitely has us pumped for his stand-up special, which debuts on April 6.

And here's that 'Star Wars' scene, if you need a reminder of just how great Oswalt can be: