We got a tip from a listener that this restaurant in downtown Rochester, Minnesota was potentially closing. I did my do-diligence and walked by the store, I didn't see any signs. So then I emailed the owner and sadly the rumor is true that Potbelly Sandwich Shop is closing their downtown location.

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I don't order out for lunch very often but when I do a majority of the time I'd say I'm ordering from Potbelly. I can just order online, walk the block/block and a half from work to get there and bam! So I'll be really sad when they aren't around anymore.

Why is Potbelly Closing in Downtown Rochester?

The natural speculation is that they're closing because they don't have enough employees. They have had limited hours recently because of a staffing shortage but that's not the main reason for closing. The owner, Erin, said that their lease is up at their downtown location so after 10 years they've decided to call it quits and move all of their employees to one location.

Will the Other Potbelly in Rochester Stay Open?

Yes! The other Potbelly location by Target north will still be around. Erin told me that that location has been doing really well and "we are looking forward to getting all of our employees to one location to optimize our customer service."

So while I'm sad to see them leave the convenient (for me) downtown location, I'm glad they're finding success with their north location! The last day that the downtown Potbelly location will be open is Friday, September 23rd. They also recently shared the news on their Facebook page.

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