We hope everyone is safe after the storms that hit southeast Minnesota, northern Iowa, and western Wisconsin last night. There were multiple tornado reports last night and lots of high winds during the overnight hours. Because of this crazy weather, many people are still without power.

Areas where tornados were reported last include Plainview, MN, Hartland, MN, and Rudd, IA. Wind gusts got up to 85 mph in some places. The Rochester Airport reported gusts up to 78 mph. There are photos and videos of trees down, buildings that have been damaged, I saw a video from Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing of the awning of a nearby business flying down the road. It was a crazy night last night.

If you are without power right now, first and foremost please stay safe. But we also have sources where you can check on power outages in your area based on your electric company.

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In the Rochester area, as of writing this post (before 8 AM on Thursday, December 16th, 2021) hundreds of Rochester residents are without power according to the Rochester Public Utilities site.

Across southeast Minnesota and northern Iowa, there are thousands of people still without power as of writing this post. Check on the power outages in your area if you are with People's Energy Cooperative, Freeborn-Mower Coop, and Alliant Energy.

Crews are working hard to restore power while also staying safe themselves. Based on reports from each of the sites listed above, they've already restored power to many, many customers but there are still many to go.

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