Last week, I wrote an article stating my disappointment in the Cavs after two uber-depressing losses.

I talked about how the Cavs had no chance in this series and it would take a miracle for the Cavs to comeback and get a chance at winning the title.

Well that miracle happened the past two games.

The Cavs after blowing Game 4 in the fourth quarter, have looked like a different team again. They got back in this series in game five thanks to historic performances from LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and an ill-advised swing at the crotch of LeBron during the waning minutes of Game Four by Draymond Green leading to his suspension for that game.

However, with Green back, and the Warriors all but in tact, minus Andrew Bogut, were favored by just about everyone in the media, minus Vegas, to win their second straight title on the floor of Quicken Loans Arena.

Somehow though...they didn't. The Cavs, in front of a crowd so loud it was hard to hear the announcers at times on both the radio and television broadcasts, took a 115-101 victory in a game that never got closer than eight points after the first 6 minutes of the first quarter as the Cavs, in the words of both the immortal Jack Buck and his son Joe, "they just...won't...go..away."

The Cavs fought to win Game 5, due to the heroics of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James both scoring 41 and carrying their team to a victory. They fought even harder tonight. Playing smart defense, forcing turnovers, fighting for second opportunities, fighting for EVER loose ball, having a fight and a hustle and effort worthy to represent the town that is on the front of the jerseys. They not only got another MVP worthy performance from LeBron who scored 41 points with 11 assists, eight rebounds, to go with four steals and three blocks with only one turnover. In addition he carried the Cavs in the fourth scoring 18 straight points to put the game out of reach. He didn't do it alone though. The Cavs also got huge contributions from Kyrie again who had 20 first half points and finished with 23, four threes from JR Smith for his 14 points, 15 points and 16 rebounds, from Tristan Thompson and most unlikely of all five huge first half points from 12th man Dahntay Jones. Kevin Love even showed up at times scoring 7 points in 12 minutes.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I criticized the Cavs' effort after two games. I lauded how the Warriors were doing what they do. In the past two games, the Warriors stopped doing what they do, losing their composure in the process, and the Cavs effort has been turned up to 11. For Game 7 I will stick to my initial prediction of Warriors winning the title in 7, because it is unfathomable to think a team who lost nine games during the ENTIRE REGULAR SEASON, would lose nine games, and not win the title, in the postseason, even if they are down their center in Bogut, and a hurting Andre Iguodala.

But this is basketball. This is sports. We routinely see the unbelievable happen. This NBA season, we have seen that over and over. We have seen a team go 73-9. We have seen a team go 40-1 at home, we have seen a legend walk-off the court in the only way he knew how to, by amazing us with 60 points. And now, we have a team, in the Cavaliers, becoming only the third team to fight their way to a game seven after being down 3-1.

wanted to get to Game 7. After the Game 6 victory Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue just wanted one thing too: