The Minnesota Vikings weren't the only ones who had a rough night on Halloween. Their 20-10 loss to the Chicago Bears pales in comparison to the pain one of the referees experienced during Monday night's game.

Head Linesman Ed Walker was injured during the second quarter of the game between the Vikings and the Bears. The injury occurred during a punt, and Walker's leg seemed to buckle as he ran down the sidelines. Admittedly, the injury looked like it might be pretty gruesome from the initial, and only, replay ESPN showed during the game last night, as his leg almost appeared to snap mid-calf.

Fortunately for Walker, while the injury he sustained will keep him out of action for a while, it wasn't as severe as it looked. According to Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Marc Craig, the initial diagnosis for Walker is a torn quadriceps muscle.

The injury will keep Walker, who is in his third year as an NFL official, out of action for several weeks, and the NFL will undoubtedly be looking for a temporary replacement.

The refereeing crew finished the rest of last night's game an official short.