On May 24, a gunman entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX and killed 19 kids and two teachers.

At a recent city council meeting, someone asked the mayor of Uvalde about the existence of the school where the massacre happened and he announced what will happen to the school.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said he has spoken to the superintendent of schools and that the plan is to demolish the school.

He said, "We could never ask a child to go back, or a teacher to go back into that school ever."

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On the same day that was announced, Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw told a Texas State committee that the shooting could have been stopped in minutes had the police commander responded without hesitation.

Surveillance video, which we shared here recently, shows police in the hallways minutes after the shooting started, but did not advance for nearly an hour.

We will continue to follow any developments surrounding the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas.


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