There are a ton of “best places to live in America” lists and Rochester usually fares pretty well on them.   “Money” magazine just released a list of the 50 best medium-sized cities to live in (populations between 50,000 and 300,000).

So where did Rochester finish on this list?   It didn’t.  Yep, it didn’t even crack the Top-50.  Three other Minnesota cities did however.  Maple Grove was #2, Eagan ranked #11, one spot ahead of Woodbury at #12.   Topping the list was McKinney, Texas.

Surely this is some sort of oversight, right?  Have we been getting spoiled?  Maybe they just got tired of giving the Med City yet another accolade.   Or perhaps, much like a hall-of-fame athlete, they just retired our jersey so-to-speak to give other cities a chance.  I mean, c’mon…what does McKinney, Texas have that Rochester doesn’t have?

Here’s “Money” magazine’s complete list.  Maybe next time, Rochester.